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Thursday 30th of April – Pink Class

Good morning Pink Class – how are you all today?

Let’s wake up! What day is it today?

Calendar –

Wow, it’s the last day in April today. What month will tomorrow be?

Let’s remind ourselves with one of our months of the year song.

It’s May tomorrow! How many days are there in May?

Free Printable May 2020 Calendar - 2019 Calendars for Students ...

Movement –

What does Pedro and Gerry have planned for movement today?

Life Skills –

Could you do some dusting today?


Maths –

Let’s use some of those seeds you have gathered –

  • count the seeds, how many do you have?
  • how many ways can you sort the seeds (think of colour, size, shape)?
  • make a symmetrical picture with the seeds
  • make shapes and patterns with the seeds
  • order your seeds by size (smallest to largest or largest to smallest)

DIY Spring Kids Craft: Watch out the Snails are here!, with their houses made from dried beans and seeds. ⭐️⭐️⭐️DIY Lente Kinder Knutsel: Pas op daar komen de slakken......met een huisje van gedroogde peulen en zaden.                Counting beans maths activity  seed sorting activity for preschool

Fiddly Fingers –

Can you thread to make a daisy or flower chain. I used to love doing this when I was a wee girl!

Daisy crowns and daisy chains.            DIY: How to Make a Daisy Chain - Mothering How to Make a Daisy Chain - YouTube

Story –

Let’s enjoy some more plants stories.

Here is one of my favourite stories from when I was a wee girl….. all about a princess and a pea!

Did you like these stories?

Signs of the Day –

What will Lorna be teaching us today?

Music –

Pop over to the music section, what does Connie have planned? It’s singalong today too! Yippee!

Sensory –

Growing a Magic Potion Garden - Picklebums   Pin on The Natural World

Another thing I liked to do when I was a little girl was to make ‘perfumes and potions’.

Here’s how you do it:

You need a small plastic cup or a jar and a stick.

Now you need to collect some potion ingredients such as little pieces of herbs, leaves, grass,  earth or flowers.

Put your ingredients in your cup or jar, add a little water and stir.

You have made a perfume or potion, you decide.

Try smelling it with your eyes closed. What can you smell?

Who in your family can make the nicest perfume or the smelliest potion?

Give your perfume or potion a name!

Dance –

What does Rachel have planned for you? Have a look!

Challenge of the Day –

Watch how different insects and birds fly.

Try to follow some of them. How do they move? Do they move in a straight line?

Have a fun Thursday Pink Class!



Orange Class Thursday 30th April

A very good morning to the Orange Class!   How are you today??

Shall we have our Morning Circle?


On Thursdays we have P.E.  first thing in the morning so let’s get going!

Here is a fun activity to get you moving, if you have limited mobility then you can adapt the exercise or repeat one from another letter.

Ask an adult to help you spell your name and do the exercise for each letter. What other words can you spell.

How about some reading?

I hope you enjoyed that story.  Dads always get a hard time of it!

Can you answer the questions?

Did you like the story?


Jobs:  Can help to wash the dishes today?

Time for some zoo work!  Thanks to Sophie in the Red Class.


Then have a look at these,


How about some cooking?  An Orange Class favourite!


Time for Yoga 


And finally time for relaxation!

Enjoy your Thursday.



Red class – Thursday 30th of April

Good morning Red class,

what is the weather like today?  

Life skills – can you help sort  the cutlery

maths – try the numberblocks


fiddly fingers – try this

all you need are some pasta and straws.

snack – remember to wash you hands,

then remember to tidy up your plate

story – same as yesterday!

sign of the day – check Lorna’s posts

music – see what Connie and Gordon’s posts

lunch  – remember to wash your hands

then tidy up 

sensory – you’ll need shaving foam, paint and your fingers!

dance – check what Rachel has posted

I thought you could finish the day by looking at the zoo animals again,

and this 



I hope you have a nice day, 


Thursday 30th April

Good Morning Group 6!

Here are today’s activities

Morning Routines


 Active Amigo – watch the ppt to sign with Lorna and sing with Connie. Complete the work sheet attached to today’s e-mail😊


Life skills – Did you manage to do any of the challenges that Nicci set in our Tuesday Challenge?

Here is one of your friends doing the challenge – well done!

Maths – see what activities Clare and Steve have put on the Blog on the right hand side (Maths)

Fiddly Fingers – Can you build a house out of LEGO, or any other building materials you have in the house? If you don;t have any bricks or blocks you can use junk material’s from the recycling.

Lego House Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock  krokotak | Cardboard CITY

Story – One of our favourites, a Squash and a Squeeze by Julia Donaldson

Sign of the Day with Lorna 

Music with Connie and Gordon (see the right hand side of the page)

Sensory – Listen to some quiet music and be ‘less active’ for 5 minutes. I hope you can find some of your Disney favourites here?

Dance – see if Rachel has any new dance moves today?

Language Skills Secondary

Morning everyone,

Hope you are all getting on well with the writing activities that I set earlier in the week.

You might also like to try some listening and talking activities:

Early  – Prepositions Word Mat

Early & First – What am I – animals What am I – clothes What am I – food What am I – farm What am I – fruit What am I – home What am I – school objects What am I – transport

Second – Conversation Game Cards

Have fun!

Take care,

Laura Leathem (Language and Communication Teacher)


Thursday 30th April – Group 2

Hello Everyone,

  1. Morning Activities:
  2. Maths: See what Clare has in store for you today by clicking on the MATHS page
  3. Fiddly Fingers:
  4. SNACK
  5. Story:   Sign along to Rumble in the Jungle here: https://www.booktrust.org.uk/books-and-reading/have-some-fun/storybooks-and-games/rumble-in-the-jungle/
  6. Sign of the Day
  7. Music Click on MUSIC to find out what Connie has planned for you today
  8. LUNCH
  9. Sensory: 
  10. DanceFind out what Rachel has planned for you by clicking on the DANCE section

Group 5 Circle Time Thursday 30th April

Hello everyone,

Today I am feeling like Little Miss Brainy because I have got lots of writing to do about school today so I am going to need to use my brain.

Little Miss Brainy | Mr. Men Wiki | Fandom

Who are you feeling like today?

Today is the last day of April. Can you remember what month comes next? This video will give you a clue.

Can you do the sign for the month? I think it is M and Y? I wonder if any of you can reply to this post to let me know if I’m right?

For movement today why don’t you dance along to this song to celebrate the end of April (and the rain!).

For life-skills today could you help someone write a shopping list? That’s what I have to do today. I need to remember bread, milk, cheese, apples … lots of things! I definitely need a list!

For Maths check out Steve’s posts or you could practise your money skills. Collect change from people in your house (remember to ask them first) and count how much each of them gave you. Then find out how much you have got altogether. Then try sharing it out equally. Then remember to give it back!

Pile of UK Coins | A selection of British coins, from a penn… | Flickr

For Fiddly Fingers why not practise some finger exercises like these. If you haven’t got play-dough you could use blue-tack, a sponge or even a small piece of fabric like a sock or washcloth.

At 10.30 it is story time and today’s story is Mog the Forgetful Cat. 

Mog the Forgetful Cat: Amazon.co.uk: Kerr, Judith, Kerr, Judith: Books

After that it is time to check out Sign of the Day. Maybe Lorna will do the months for us.

Then it is time for Music. I wonder what Gordon and Connie have been up to?

After lunch it is Sensory time so why not make a den? Collect up blankets and cushions and use them to make a den, perhaps on your bed or behind the sofa. What is it like in your den? Is it dark and cosy? Could you take a torch and a book in there and have 5 minutes peace?

Nanny Bicester: Activity of the Week-Building Dens

Finally check out Rachel’s posts for some dance moves.

Have great days. See you soon for story time.