Music with Gordon 30 April: Secondary

What to do today

Today, we have a clapping game we sometimes do in class. We also have a new music game to try.

Please join in with the activities below. The more who can join in, the more fun, too. Do the activities as many times as you like. Use any kind of instrument to like to play along.

Activities (links below)

  1. Hello
  2. Bounce and catch
  3. Clap, tap and sing along to Clap Your Hands Together.
  4. Watch the video and join in with Yoshi Whoops! Can you play it using  your own name? What about someone else’s name or that of a friend. Try it with a favourite character or soft toy.
  5. Play the instruments along to the video or get up and move. If you like, get a scarf to play with.
  6. Time to chill. This week we are listening to Yann Tiersen – La valse d’Amélie
  7. Goodbye

Hello Song

Click and scroll down to see the video

Bounce and Catch

Clap Your Hands Together

Play Yoshi Whoops!




Time to move around or play your instrument

Chill and relax

Goodbye Song

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