9 thoughts on “Pinewood Cake Competition – The Winners!

  1. Pam

    Well done Everyone.
    These cakes all look fantastic. It is making me very hungry . I am not surprised that there is no flour in any of the shops in West Lothian !
    I think we will have a cake competition when we are back at school and then we can all eat them.
    Thank you Sarah for organising and thank you to Hazel and her daughter for judging them

  2. Lisa Thom

    Cody is very delighted to be a winner and he said well done to everyone else, they look excellent he wants to taste them all 🙂

    Cody’s idea came from how much he is missing everyone at Pinewood and missing coming to school. He wanted to make a fun cake, he worked hard on designing and creating happy symbols for everyone at Pinewood.

    1. Mrs Reay Post author

      Hi Lisa, Please tell Cody that we were blown away by his design and that we completely understood the need to eat some of it – I would have done the same. I am sorry Cody is missing school and his friends. It is a hard time but I hope the Blog and messages from his teacher are helping. All the very best to you all, Sarah

    2. Gina Freeman

      super excited we had two Purple class winners (and my Group 2 winner too!) well done to everyone who entered – I loved taking part and it is great to be able to share your cakes with your families

  3. keegan luker

    oh wow!!!!! Keegan is very excited. Keegan says:
    “I’m glad you liked it. It was really good and I ate it all. well…. I gave my sister some.”

    1. Mrs Reay Post author

      Hi Keegan, Your cake looked amazing. You most have someone very clever in your house to help you make a cake like that. I am glad it tasted as good as it looked! I hope you are well and happy. Take care of yourself, Sarah


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