Thursday 23rd April

Good morning Orange Class!

I hope you are feeling good this morning and raring to go.

Lets start with our Morning Circle.


Now on Thursdays we have P.E.   Today we’re having P.E. with Gerry.

Good morning everyone,

I have added a couple of picture cards for the pupils to choose from today for PE.

1st we will start with a Warm-Up – Please Choose any 2 activities from the Warm Up Games below. Feel free to add your own choice of music too. Lets get going!!

Warm Up Games – Click here

Wow! that was great I hope you put in lots of effort and are properly warmed up?

Now this week we have added some Ball Games to chose from. However some of you may prefer to use Balloons, which is great. So feel free to chose what’s more suitable for you.
Now pick to activities from the below.

Ball Games – 7 Challenges – click here

Excellent work today, now that you are all sweaty having worked hard and had some exercise you can now relax and give your body and mind some rest for a few minutes.

To do so your next challenge is to listen to your favourite relaxing song in a comfortable position and close your eyes until the song is finished.

Not to worry if you can think of any there are a whole list of warm up activities and links to children’s music on the “Alternative to Movement” post.

Thanks for your hard work and stay safe.

Phew! that was fun.


Time for some maths.

It’s time for a Sock Party.

Two makes a pair.

Find as many socks as you can in your house.

How many pairs of socks are there and how many with no match?

How did you count the socks?

Can you sort the socks in to pairs (2 matching socks)?

If I have 5 pairs of socks how many socks is that all together?

How do you know?

What else could you count in pairs?

Let me know how you get on.

Time for Numberjacks.  Today we are on episode 7.


How about a bit of Art with David?

Beautiful butterflies today.  I’ve seen butterflies in my garden this week have you?  You don’t need much stuff to make the butterfly footprints.  Why not have a try and send me a photo?



Can you use your footprint with some paint to create the wings of a butterfly?

Can you create a Butterfly painting using symmetry?

Here is a link to a video to show you how it is done:


Perhaps you could have a go at making sensory butterflies. For this you will need a plastic food bag, a pipe cleaners and something to fill inside such as pom poms, paint or cut pieces of paper:

Enjoy whatever you create and have fun 🙂

Story Time!

That was great!

Time for some Jobs.

Which job will you do? You must all be experts by now!

HWB Lets get outside.

Take some photos and let me know what you have been touching.

Music – It’s sing along with Connie today. Scroll down the blog to find her post.

Why not try story massage with Nicole?  Look at the top right of the blog beside the Pinewood Recipe book and click on Story Massage.

Finally lets finish off the usual way with some relaxation.

Have a super day and keep smiling.



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