PE Lesson – Wednesday 29th April

Good morning everyone,

Last week we worked on choosing picture cards for our activities. This week we are going with the same idea to let you get used to the activity. Ideally choose at least one new activity card to work to and learn.

I have added a couple of picture cards for the pupils to choose from today for PE.

1st we will start with a Warm-Up – Please Choose any 2 activities (1 new activity must be selected and you can use one youve used before) from the Warm Up Games below. Feel free to add your own choice of music too. Lets get going!!

Warm Up Games – Click here

Excellent. I hope you put in lots of effort and are properly warmed up?

Now this week we have added some Ball Games to chose from. However some of you may prefer to use Balloons, which is great. So feel free to choose what’s more suitable for you.
Now pick two activities from the below. One of the activities can be same the as last week but one must be new.

Ball Games – 7 Challenges – click here

Excellent work today, now that you are all sweaty having worked hard and had some exercise you can now relax and give your body and mind some rest for a few minutes.

To do so your next challenge is to listen to your favourite relaxing song in a comfortable position and close your eyes until the song is finished.

Not to worry if you can think of any there are a whole list of warm up activities and links to children’s music on the “Alternative to Movement” post.

Thanks for your hard work and stay safe.


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