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There are lots of Music creation apps that our children might enjoy. As we head into the holiday, I wanted to show people a couple of free ones that you may find helpful.  I will add more ideas over the weeks, including ones for Android/ iOS. Many of the suggested activities can apply to any music-making app.

GarageBand (free, Mac and iOS only)

GarageBand - Pro Filmmaker AppsThis highly sophisticated app shouldn’t put anyone off. From recording, effects, multitracking, jamming with others and virtual instruments, it may seem overwhelming to some, but it is also easy to get started and begin playing around.

Virtual instruments include drums, bass, guitar, keyboards and orchestral strings. With lots of online tutorials on YouTube and elsewhere, it is possible to take it as far as you like.

Ideas to get you started:

  • Open up, select an instrument and just play. Try different settings within the instrument environment. What is your favourite?
  • What are the other instruments? Discover the instruments of the orchestra.
  • Build beats using the drum machines
  • Play relaxing music
  • Play music for dancing
  • Play along to a favourite piece of music
  • Use the microphone to record your voice and pass it through the various effects such as Robot or Alien. Which is the funniest? Which friend or relative sounds funniest?

Soundforest (Free, iOS)

Compose music using a collection of creatures, trees, flowers and shapes. Each icon/image represents a different sound which you add to the project area to create a piece. The vertical position of an icon will affect the pitch (even with rhythmic sounds). Soundforest is very visual, using graphic-style notation to represent your piece and perfect for younger students. The free version has limited projects.

Ideas to get you started:

  • Create a forest landscape with trees and birds. What does it sound like?
  • Share the sounds with a friend
  • Take turns with a friend to add items to the Soundforest
  • Dance to the sounds you make
  • Using instruments at home or your own homemade instruments, play along to your Soundforest music.

Have fun and share your music with others!

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