Thursday 2nd of April – Pink Class

Good morning everyone!

Let’s wake up! Get everyone to join in!

Calendar –

Can you name the four seasons. What happens outside during each season? Let’s see.


Movement – 

What will we do for movement today? Check out the movement section. How are you getting on with Joe Wicks?

Life Skills –

Mmmmmm! Can you help make lunch today? Let’s make some sandwiches.

Maths –

Today’s focus is MONEY.

Follow this link for sorting coins:

Follow this link for using coins to pay for items:

Empty out your adult’s purse or wallet…what coins or notes can you spot?

Fiddly Fingers –

Let’s make some slime!!!

Story –


Have you seen any bears out on your walk? Have a good bear hunt next time, how many can you spot? Can you describe the bears you see? How many bears do you have in your windows for other children to spot.

Let’s go on a bear hunt!

Signs of the Day –

Yesterday I was learning the signs for some fruit. You will have to test me when we go back to school. Check out today’s signs of the day section. What signs will we learn today?

Music –

Check out the music section to make an instrument or to do some singing with Connie. Have fun!

Sensory –

Play with some shaving foam today. Can you practise your letters or numbers or impress someone in your family by writing their names in the foam.

You can also check out Tracey’s sensory section for some more fun ideas.

Dance –

How are you getting on with Rachel’s dance? I think I’ve got two left feet!

Challenge of the Day –

We have been looking at water in the Pink Class. Here is an outdoor water challenge. Challenge your family to see who makes the best waterproof shelter. Who will be brave enough to sit under it while you test if it is waterproof? Have fun!

Outdoor Shelter

Some of you have emailed some fantastic pictures of all of the hard work and fun you are having. Unfortunately, I can’t post these yet as our photo/picture capacity is full at present. However, keep sending me your great pictures, they put a huge smile on my face.





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