Group 5 Circle Time Thursday 2nd April

Hello Everyone,

Today I feeling like Mr Greedy because I ate too much garlic bread with my dinner last night!

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How are you feeling today?

Today’s weather will be windy. I can hear it outside my window. Can you hear it too?

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For PSD today it is time to think of things that make us happy. Try to think of 10 things that make you feel happy. Tell someone about them.

My 10 things are my family, my dog, sunshine, being in the garden, a nice hot cup of tea, having a shower, a nice piece of cake, Fridays!, seeing the moon and singing.

Check out Gerry’s posts for Movement ideas and remember to be helpful at home. Today what about helping to sort the washing?

For your Maths activities check out Steve’s posts in the Secondary Maths section.

For Fiddly Fingers can you make a rainbow from things you find in your house? I would love to see a photo of it if you can.

Remember to take a break and have a healthy snack. Then it is time to check out today’s story. Today it is going to be What a Mess. I love this book, I hope you will too. It will be on the Blog at 10.30.

In this book we meet What-a-Mess, a small Afghan hound. He does have a proper name but he has forgotten it because everyone who sees him always says ‘What a Mess!’

Then it will be time for Sign of the Day, thank you Lorna, and Music with Connie.

Have a nice lunch. Did you spot my April Fool yesterday – I didn’t really have ice cream for my lunch. That would be silly!

After lunch it is time for Sensory and Dance. Have a look in the sensory section for some activities and then check out Rachel’s latest moves in the dance section.

Have lovely days, I’ll be back soon.

1 thought on “Group 5 Circle Time Thursday 2nd April

  1. Mrs McGeown

    Good afternoon everyone,

    I must be Mr Lazy today as i didn’t’ realise it was sooo late.
    Have good day


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