Group 2 2.4.2020

Good Morning, Group 2! How are you?

  1. Morning Activities:

  2. Maths: Have a look at what Clare has planned for you in the MATHS section.
  3. Fiddly Fingers: Get your fingers moving in different ways:
  4. Sign of the Day: Check out the sign of the day category for signs all about VEGETABLES
  5. Story: We all know this story well and since we’ve got our West Lothian Bear Hunt set up – here’s ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’.
  6. Music: Check out what Connie and Gordon have planned for you today in the MUSIC section
  7. Sensory: Choose one or two cards from this booklet and find out how you can use your senses:                                                                                          
  8. Dance: Have a look at what Rachel has put up in the DANCE section for you – have you been learning her routine?!

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