Orange Class – Wednesday 1st April

Good morning everyone!

Don’t forget it’s the first of April and you can April fool your family today.

Circle Time 

(search for Morning Circle Time on the right.)

Sign of the Day 

Check Lorna’s post! (search Sign of the day).

Keep your pictures coming in.



Time for a listen to David reading “Augustus and his SMILE”.

Watch out for a special visitor near the end.

If you like me reading stories for you let me know and I will record some more!


On Wednesdays we have music with Gordon.

Search for  Music Monday with Gordon: Primary

Phew!   Wasn’t that great.
Time for some Maths

Try counting the spots

Helicopter fun!

Now time to get active and make a tactile road.  The orange class love a tactile road!

Here is a challenge for you. Can you find lots of things that feel different. You can then lay them on the floor to create your very own tactile road.

Next put on one your your favourite songs and get your socks off.  What are you waiting for??

Finally, time to relax:  One of our all time favourites.

Have a super day!

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