Primary 4 9.9.16

This week we are well underway with all of our subjects. We have investigated water and what it is used for. It is great to see all of the tally charts coming in from home detailing water use in our houses. These will be used to compile a class tally chart on water use. They are due in on Monday. We have a visit from Scottish Water planned on Monday and are excited to see what they are going to tell us.

We have been making very scary life size Vikings for our classroom frieze and when they are finished, we will take a picture of them and post it on here to introduce them to you.


Could all clothing have children’s names or initials on them please.

Tuesdays – Outdoor PE kit (Weather permitting)

Wednesdays – Indoor PE kit



Due Monday 12th – Water tally table

Due Friday 16th

– Spelling homework

-Reading homework – at least 10 pages of own choice of book.

-Miss Smith’s Maths Group – Place Value homework focusing on Th H T U

-Miss Donaldson’s Maths Group – Place Value homework focusing on H T U

As homework this week, please spend some time on the following web site to practice place value. You should aim to work with numbers involving Th H T U but you can start at any level. You have not yet started decimals so if you do investigate these, please do not get worried if they are unclear at this stage. Please ask a parent to sign your homework diary or comment to let me know how you got on with this.
About Place Value Charts. Place value or hundreds, tens and units can be a difficult concept for children. The value of each digit in a number depends on its place or …


Thank you for your continued support,


Miss Smith and Miss Donaldson