Primary 1 8.3.19

Primary 1 have had a really busy and exciting week. On Tuesday, we celebrated Pancake Day. Mrs Steel made a pancake in front of the class, we measured the flour, milk, eggs and oil and watched and listened as it sizzled and cooked on the pan. We wrote instructions so that we can make pancakes at home.
On Wednesday we went on a class trip to Our Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh. We enjoyed walking around the exhibition seeing how the parts of the Earth were formed through ice movement and volcanoes. We then went to a dinosaurs workshop where we learnt all about the triceratops, velociraptor and anchiosaurus. We were able to touch models of dinosaur claws, feet and teeth as well as look at fossilized dinosaur poo!
Yesterday we celebrated World Book Day. The children read their favourite book with their Primary 7 buddy and made a bookmark to take home.
Reminders: Next week there will be no PE on Thursday. We will be in contact again next week with the new PE day week beginning 18th March.
Thank you for your support
P1 teachers