Primary 3 Friday 8th May 2020

Good morning Primary 3.

Today is a special day indeed. Does anyone know why?

No, not just because it is Free Time Friday day, it’s because it is VE Day!

VE stands for Victory in Europe and this day is celebrated and remembered. On 8 May 1945,¬†Prime Minister Winston Churchill¬†made an announcement on the radio at 3pm that the war in Europe had come to an end, following Germany’s surrender the day before. It is important to remember that the war was sill being fought on this day in other areas of the world and lots of the soldiers were still being held as prisoners of war elsewhere as well. To mark VE Day, there is a 1 minute silence at 11am. Lots of online things are happening to celebreate VE Day today. Let us know if you do anything with your family.

If you want to find out more about VE Day have a look here on Newsround:

Your Mental Maths for today is below. You can choose which one you wish to complete. I will post answers at the end of today for you to check. Remember to try to beat your time taken to complete them accurately from last week.







Mrs Fox has given us some ideas to continue your Art in the link below. Since the weather has been so nice, why not try some of the outdoor activities and let us know how you get on!

Indoor and Outdoor Activity Sheet

This week our Topic Challenge is about living in Space. Tim Peake was the first official British astronaut to walk in space in 2016 and so part of your challenge is to find out all about him. The main part of your challenge is to design your own livable space habitat. Remember our needs and wants challenge? Think about what you would need to survive and how you might get it/ make it/ grow it in space. Design your space habitat and then if you have time and you have asked permission you could try building a model. The challenge will also be posted in the Interdisciplinary folder in Teams.

Here are some links to websites that might help you with some ideas:

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Well done for your continued hard work.

Miss Smith and Mr Woodward.

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