Primary 2 – 27.04.20

Hello Primary 2,

How was your weekend? The weather was beautiful so we hope you managed to get outside and enjoy it. The forecast says the nice weather isn’t going to last unfortunately. You can check out the weeks weather forecast on

Last week we posted two weeks’ worth of learning grids so you should now be looking at the grids beginning 27.04.20. We have also attached them to make it easier for you to find them. As always, please choose one literacy, one numeracy and one learning across the curriculum activity each day. We have loved seeing photos of you completing your tasks on your online learning journals. If you need your password reset either email the school office or comment below and we will be able to help.

Amazon audible have also made all their audio stories free while the schools are closed. There are so many stories to choose from. Visit and let us know what you pick!

If you are looking for more number work check out There are lots of great online and offline resources you could use to further develop your number and mathematical skills.

We look forward to hearing from you. Please comment below to say hello or upload photos to your learning journal.

Miss Pringle and Miss Rafferty

Rex and Mufasa week beginning 27.04.20

Woody Pumba Buzz Simba week beginning 27.04.20

4 thoughts on “Primary 2 – 27.04.20”

  1. Good afternoon Lorena. Good to hear that you had a lovely weekend in the garden. I went for a nice walk on Sunday in the Dundas Estate and I saw, geese, ducks, swans and a herring. It was lovely!
    I’m glad you enjoyed the friendship lesson, it’s nice to think about others in this tricky time. I look forward to seeing your pictures. Enjoy your afternoon, Miss Rafferty x

  2. Good afternoon Miss Rafferty! I had a lovely weekend and spent a lot of time in the garden. I started the activities for this week from both school and BBC and I will also go on Education City later on but first I will go to see the ducklings again with mummy. She will put pictures of the activities I did these days on Learning Journal a bit later. I liked the activity about Friendship as it reminded me of my school friends. Have a nice day, Miss Rafferty! x

  3. Good morning Harris. Ohh the toasting of marshmallows sounds good! I love the way they taste once they have been toasted. Well done to you and mummy on such an achievement with the running and cycling. Running is tough!
    Super, it’s good to hear you are up on Monday working away at the tasks already. Have a good day Harris and I hope you get some high score on Education City!
    Miss Rafferty x

  4. Good morning Miss Rafferty. I hope you are well and had a lovely weekend in the sunshine. We spent lots of time outside, playing and going for walks. We toasted marshmallows on the chiminea on saturday night, they were yummy. Mummy went for her first run in 6 years yesterday, I went with her on my bike and we managed 3 miles. We both had sore little legs when we got back. I have done my spelling words this morning, and revisited the weighing task with household items this morning. I am just about to log on to education city and look for the new activities. Have a good day, Love Harris x

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