Primary 3 Friday 27th March

Bonjour tout le monde.

I am missing our French conversations in the morning. La date aujourd’hui est ……?

Oui, Vendredi vingt-sept Mars.

So, today is Friday and marks one week of you all learning from home. We are so impressed with how well people have been engaging with the lessons and even with how inventive you have been with your own learning ideas. We want to thank you all, parents and P3 for your hard work this week. Remember, because today is Friday, you have a half day usually and have earned 30 minutes of Free Time Friday where you choose what you wish to do.

Today, we want you to focus on checking in with all the members of your family. Ask them how they are, discuss how you are feeling. Take some time out to reflect on the week that has passed.

Something to think about for next week is the RSPB page. using the hashtag 

Take photos and post the pictures of the birds you spot in your garden. You could even follow one of their handy guides on their website to make a bird feeder or bird house:

RSPB Activities

Just a little reminder:

A few of you have messaged saying you have had trouble with the sheets and resources we have been uploading. We have been instructed to save the resources as a picture or a screenshot the allow every person access to their learning. It means no-matter what software you have on your device and no-matter what device you are using, you can see the image of the learning task and therefore can complete it in your jotter or on paper.

If you would rather complete it on the physical sheet, try saving it and printing it off to make a physical worksheet, then you can write straight onto it.

We do not expect absolutely everything to be saved and sent to us, however if you wish to send things for clarification, marking or just because you want to share it with us, we are more than happy to receive your work. We love to see how you’re doing and what you have all been learning.

Rather than Number Talks for today here is some more Problem Solving for you to try, we will post the answer later today.

And thank you to Shrihan for alerting us to this great website for those who want some brain training chess action: a fun way to learn chess!

Have a lovely day and a fantastic weekend ahead. We look forward to beginning a new learning week with you all on Monday.

Stay safe and well done for all your hard work and efforts this week. We are so proud of you, as this is new for everyone.

Miss Smith and Mr Woodward.

One thought on “Primary 3 Friday 27th March”

  1. Thank you for all of your work and help this week. I always appreciate you guys anyway, but I’m sure most parents would agree we have a new found appreciation for teachers this week!
    Have a great weekend!

    Ashley (Sam’s Mum)

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