Primary 2 – Wednesday 25 March 2020

Good morning from Mrs Oliver and Miss Rafferty,

We would love to hear how you got on with any activities you completed yesterday – please post a message in the comments section below. Remember to refer to your packs and choose a Literacy, Numeracy and Across the Curriculum activity to complete today. Have you heard about the Rainbow challenge? The BBC are asking boys and girls to draw/ paint/ make a rainbow and put it in your window to spread hope – maybe when you’re out and about getting some fresh air and exercise you can count them and let us know how many you have found. 

Last week we spoke about Sea Pollution and how plastic is damaging our oceans and animals. Here is an experiment if you would like to try it out with an adult at home to see the impact pollution has on sea life. If you’ve not got a jar or would prefer to why don’t you make a poster encouraging others to protects our oceans and animals.

Sea Pollution

Hope you’re all well Primary 2. Keep safe.


Mrs Oliver and Miss Rafferty

15 thoughts on “Primary 2 – Wednesday 25 March 2020”

  1. Hi Callum,

    Miss Pringle here. Your banana bread sounds delicious – if only we were at school, I would’ve been happy to sample it for you! Keep up the fabulous work and update us regularly.

  2. Hello Andy,
    Wonderful to hear from you! I’m so glad you have managed to put up your rainbow picture- I have seen so many in South Queensferry on my morning runs. Makes me feel happy! You have managed to find more than me, well done!
    That’s great you have been making use of Education City- we have set new tasks for next week but feel free to search for games of your choice. Twinkl has great worksheets to keep you learning. Keep all the work you have been doing as I would love to see it all when we are back at school.
    I miss all the boys and girls but I do love hearing from you all on the blog so please stay in touch.
    Miss Rafferty

  3. Hi Miss Rafferty, Andy here. I did the rainbow picture on Sunday and it’s up in my window, we went looking for other rainbows and found 7. I have done most of the things on education city but will need to use my daddy’s computer for the rest. My mummy printed activities for me to do off of twinkl and my favourite was the dinosaur colour by adding. I miss school and all of my friends and you.

  4. Hi Callum

    You have been very busy! Glad to hear you have been keeping fit with Joe ! Banana bread sounds delicious and yes food hygiene is so important. That’s great to hear you have been talking about Easter a bit more – we had started this before the school was closed with Shrove Tuesday and Palm Sunday in particular. Keep up the good work!

    Mrs Oliver

  5. Hello from Callum!
    We have been doing PE with Joe everyday so far. Homework jotter for week 2 was done Monday along with his Arc de ciel. Tuesday Callum wrote a story and continues to read his Beast Quest book. Today we talked about the history of Easter and painted boiled eggs so we can have an Egg roll. We’ll have a look at Newsround later today. Oh, we also made banana bread and talked about food hygiene 🙂


    Use this website to access e-books:
    I have set up a username for the time being: Miss Rafferty
    The password is: Carmondeanp2

    Select the bookshelf and search for books that are suitable for your age (5-6 or 6-7)
    P2R Woodys and P2O/P Pumbas reading groups should choose books from age 6-7
    P2R Buzz Lightyears & Rexs and P2O/P Simbas & Mufasas should choose books from age 5-6

    There are plenty off books to choose from.
    Let us know how you get on using this online resource 🙂

  7. Primary 2
    Remember we are not using TEAMS so you do not require a GLOW login. We are doing all our communications through the blog. Remember to keep an eye on the blog and follow the activities in your pack.
    Keep working hard- which we are sure you all are 🙂

    Miss Rafferty, Miss Pringle and Mrs Oliver

  8. Super work Lorena!
    I have written a reply to you on yesterdays blog post 🙂
    Keep working hard and I look forward to hearing from you tomorrow!
    Miss Rafferty

  9. Hi Miss Rafferty, it’s Lorena 🙂 I finished almost all my homework from week 1! I really liked the ice cream game on Education City! I played the money games with mommy as well. I will make another rainbow picture today and I will put it in the window up in my room so that everyone can see it. I do homework every day, I read story books and exercise in the garden when it’s sunny. Even if being home with mommy is fun, I really miss school especially you and my friends.

  10. Hi Rocco
    Great to hear from you! We are missing all of you too. It sounds like you are keeping busy and 100 squares are a great help. You can also try to work out patterns in the numbers – we have been counting lots in 2’s 5’s 10’s – what pattern does it make if you count in 3’s or 4’s? You could also play games with the number square. Guess the number – you choose a number and the other person guesses what it is using your clues e.g. My number is between 50 and 60, it is an even number, it ends with a 4.
    There are also some great Education City games using numbers to 100 and beyond. Also top marks has some good games. Maybe you could try this one
    Take care

    Mrs Oliver

  11. That is fabulous Harris, you have been accessing learning online!
    Education City has been very busy. We can see the children who have scored 80% or more so please do not worry. We can also see who has been logging on and completing activities.
    Well done!! Please stay in touch with activities and jobs you are completing.
    Miss Rafferty

  12. Hi Rocco,

    Lovely to hear from you. How are you keeping? Well done using your 100 square. We are missing you too but we can chat daily. Have you tried any of the EdCity work yet? Miss Pringle x

  13. We are finding that a lot of the homework tasks on education city are not saving scores, I.e ice cream and the one on alliteration, so it looks like they have not been completed. Is this perhaps due to the amount of traffic on the page? Thankyou 😃

  14. Hi Mrs Oliver it’s Rocco here! Today I have been doing maths work using a 100 square. I will miss you and Miss Pringle too.

  15. Remember we love using Jack Hartmann to help assist our learning. Have a look at his youtube channel to help you with literacy and numeracy:

    Also as we approach the Easter holidays, we will be finishing our topic about Pirates. Practise some pirate songs and dances using this link:

    David Walliams is doing a free story at 11am every day on his website:
    Let us know if you manage to listen to his story. Once you have, you could draw a picture of your favourite part with some sentences describing what happens.

    Finally, you all have Education City logins attached to your packs. Remember to log in regularly to complete tasks that have been set or choose games/activities of your choice.

    Miss Rafferty and Mrs Oliver

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