Primary 7. 24.03.20

Tuesday 24th March 2020

Hello Primary 7.

As you know, using the TEAMS system was quite challenging for us yesterday.

We understand that sometimes you will be unable to access files and you may get a message saying ‘something went wrong’. This is due to the fact that the TEAMS system is very busy with lots of people using it.

Please know that we are doing our best to ensure you can access your work successfully.

Remember that you can complete your tasks in any order you wish. If you have completed everything for the day then you can work on the following things:

  • My Life So Far
  • Learning spelling words/ get someone at home to do speed writing with or play hangman
  • Read your book from the class library or indeed one of your own
  • Have a go at Fitness Monopoly from your packs.


We do not expect you to be working online all day. Some tasks should be completed in your jotter. If you cannot complete assignments online you can do these in your jotter!  It is also important that you take time to relax, play, exercise and spend time with people at home too.


Rules for TEAMS chat:

Please remember that this chat is designed to ensure you can access your learning and ask questions about your learning.

The chat needs to be as streamlined as possible as it can be difficult to follow everyones individual comments. Please do not reply as a new thread – instead to reply to someone click ‘reply’ to the comment you wish to reply to.

Before writing a comment in the chat please ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is my comment appropriate?
  • Has someone else already asked the same question? (If they have you may find the answer in their reply)


PE –

If you can, it would be great to start each day with some exercise. Joe Wicks ‘Body coach’ is running an online class every day at 9am (don’t worry if you can’t tune in at 9am – it will be available after 9 too!) Here is the link-


Health –

In such a busy, connected world. It is more important than ever to take time for yourself. Mindfulness is when we are thinking about what we are doing right now. Ignoring the past or the future, we just think about the present.

Today we would like you to try meditation.

Turn on your device speakers and find a comfortable, quiet space to complete the following task.

Click on the link, close your eyes and listen.


Numeracy –

Please go to your numeracy TEAM and you will be able to find out what your tasks are there.

Mrs Oliver numeracy group – you will be able to find your assignments in our P7 TEAM ‘assignments’ section.

Mrs Macaulay Numeracy Group –

Warm up – Click on times tables and select the 6 times table. In our numeracy group you will find a comment that asks for your score – please share it with me in the comments!

Lesson – Adding and subtracting negative numbers (screen shot in comment feed/teaching information in files section)

Task – complete the following questions (worksheet in assignments/screen shot in comment feed)

Mrs Wylie Numeracy –

Ninja  – Complete Week 7 session 2  – you can share your belt colour with me .


We are going to continue with long multiplication, click on the link above as a reminder of what we have been working on.  Have a pencil and piece of paper ready to try the calculation along the clip. Pause when necessary. Complete the questions assigned in the files section.


Once you have completed your Ninja session please use the link below. It’s about mixed and top heavy ( improper) fractions , a reminder of what we have been working on in class .

Complete the activity in the assigned to Calculators .

Looking for more maths to do? Why don’t you log on to Education City and play live against your classmates? Learn a times table you find tricky? Create your own maths game?


Writing –

This task can be completed in your blue jotters .

Primary 7 , we know that you will all be very sensible and will be listening to the advice to stay at home . However, we have thought of some fantastic places you can explore:

Narnia                              A Galaxy far far away

Hogwarts                          Mars

The Secret Garden               Under the Sea

Isle of Burk (How to Train Your Dragon )

Choose one of the locations above or indeed think of your own and write a description of it.

We know you all have fantastic imaginations, write about what you can see, what you can hear. Try to include the following to describe the setting:

Interesting Adjectives – to describe what you can see / hear.

Simile  –        comparing ( as or like ) as soft as a pillow , as black as coal , like snow on the top of  a mountain .

Alliteration  – The shiny stars sparkled ,         the slithering,  snake cast a spell

Repetition  – Deep , deep down at the bottom of the sea

Use these as your success criteria and ‘green’ any you have included.



WWII homework –

Your WWII homework is due today. In the files section you will be able to download the homework sheet you were given at the start of the year for reference. We are hoping that we will be able to share this altogether back in school and so we would like you to make sure you have completed this. Keep it safe in the meantime.



Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Macaulay, Mrs Wylie & Mrs Muir



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