Primary 2 – 24.03.20

Good morning everyone,

Miss Pringle and Miss Rafferty here. We hope you had a productive first day working from home. Again, look at your packs and choose another literacy, numeracy and learning across the curriculum activity. We would love to hear from you so please comment on this post and let us know what you have been doing.

Make sure you are listening to your parents/carers and helping out around the house. Parents/carers feel free to comment and let us know how well they are all doing!

Remember your Education City log ins, daily Joe Wicks workouts at 9am on YouTube, Glasgow Science Centre (you can find them on Facebook) are bringing a little bit of science into your home at 10am each day. Twinkl have also made a lot of resources free for you to use.

Today we would have been visiting the Tall Ship in Glasgow. Why not visit their website and draw a picture of you at the Tall Ship? You could also write a question you would’ve asked – remember your question marks!

Stay safe and remember to wash your hands!

Love Miss Pringle and Miss Rafferty

6 thoughts on “Primary 2 – 24.03.20”

  1. Lorena, it is wonderful to hear from you!
    It sounds like you have been very busy and I know you will be working very hard. That is a lovely gift for mummy on Mothers Day! The rainbows in the window is such an uplifting idea. I went for a run early this morning in South Queensferry and I seen lots of them displayed in people’s windows. It made me feel very happy!
    Education city has been a great online resource so I am glad you have been accessing it regularly. Have you participated in the Joe Wicks P.E lessons? They have been very successful! That is great you are getting into the garden for fresh air.
    Please stay in touch Lorena, we miss the boys and girls too.
    Miss Rafferty

  2. For Mothers Day I made a nice picture for mommy with us together and lots of hearts and she put it on the fridge! She liked it very much

  3. Amazing Matthew!
    So good to hear from you. I’m glad you are making use of Joe Wick’s workouts- his workouts are fabulous, hard work and great at getting the heart rate up.
    Hopefully you were able to join in with the French lady singing.
    Hope to hear from you and others again tomorrow!
    Miss Rafferty

  4. Hello Miss Rafferty,
    Joe Wicks is very tiring!😴 I liked the French lady’s rainbow song 🙂.
    From Matthew

  5. I have found some super extracts on this website:

    You could read one or some of these and follow it up with a literacy task:
    -design a front cover
    -continue the story (create a different ending)
    -write a quiz about what you read
    -write 3 favourite parts in sentences
    -word hunt for all the letters in the alphabet

    World Book Day website has lots of fantastic activities to challenge you all- please take a look.
    Miss Rafferty and Miss Pringle

  6. Hope you are all having a productive morning!
    Did anyone do the Joe Wicks workout? It has been very popular all across the country.
    How was the science lesson from the Glasgow Science centre?
    We are looking forward to seeing your fantastic drawings of the Tall Ship in Glasgow. Has anyone managed to write questions that you would have asked our guide today?

    One of the tasks this week is French colours. This link lets you sing along to the rainbow song in French:

    Easter is not far away. One of your homework tasks from last week was to boil an egg, decorate it and bring it in to school to roll down the hill. Please still do this, take a photo of your egg and share that with us on the blog. Rolling the eggs in your garden can be great fun!

    Last question: What kind things did you do for your Mum on Mother’s Day? Feel free to post these acts of kindness on the blog too.

    We will be in touch soon.
    Miss Rafferty and Miss Pringle

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