Primary 2 – 16.03.20

This week we have been learning about alliteration and have had lots of fun making up silly names using alliteration! See if you can make up some new names at home using your parents names.

In maths we have progressed onto working out change within £1. We have been using hundred squares and number lines to help us with this. It would be useful to use real money at home to further help with coin recognition. You could make your own shop and buy/sell items to develop your learning!

Our sound this week was ‘ll’ and we have picked this up really well. Continue to practise your ‘ll’ words at home – can you think of creative ways to practise these?

Under the current climate we have put an even bigger emphasis on handwashing and the children have been fabulous at doing this on their own accord. We now have a sign for handwashing so children can leave the class with minimal disruption to wash their hands. Well done everyone.

On Tuesday we learnt the story of Judas’ betrayal and voiced our opinions on what we feel he should have done. There were some excellent ideas shared in our classes.

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