Primary 1 22.1.20

This has been another busy week in Primary 1. We have been continuing our learning about dinosaurs. Yesterday another letter arrived from Professor Rex asking us to investigate the job of a paleontologist. Lots of the children would like to be a paleontologist when they are older so it was a great opportunity to talk about the skills they need to develop in school now to help prepare. In order to practise being gentle around delicate fossils the children picked chocolate chips out of cookies. It was great fun and the children especially loved eating the cookie when they were finished! Tomorrow we will be researching the diplodocus and writing a factfile on it. If you have time at home tonight why don’t you look up the diplodocus online and see what facts you can find?

In maths we have returned to a focus on addition. We are moving away from a reliance on cubes to count amounts and are encouraging the children to add small amounts in their head. We are continuing to revise numbers to 20 at the same time and any help you can give at home is much appreciated.
In phonics we are learning y and z this week. We only have 2 more sounds (q and x) left to learn and the children are very excited to know all the letters in the alphabet. We are continuing to work on blending these sounds together to make 3 and 4 letter words. The children are making great progress in this!
Today each child will be reciting the poem ‘Roguey Poguey’ in front of the class. We will then chose 2 winners to represent the class in front of the whole school in Friday’s Burn’s Day Assembly. Good luck to all the children.
A few reminders:
PE is on a Thursday. Please send your child to school prepared for this with a named PE kit. PE is in the morning so it is helpful if your child comes to school with their PE clothes under their school uniform.
Outdoor Learning is on a Wednesday afternoon. We will try to get out every week and in all weathers so please send your child with suitable footwear and clothes.
Many of the children are asking for water throughout the day. Please send your child to school with a named water bottle each day. The children are allowed to take a drink at story time and during the day when they are not with the teacher.
Thank you for all your support
Primary 1 teachers.

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