Primary 3

There has been a lot of festive fun in Primary 3 this week with the Christmas Party giving the children an opportunity to play games, dance, get dressed up and get their Christmas on! There were some spectacular dance moves on display and everyone was in great spirits. We played some party games and both classes showed such great class in showing great encouragement and sportsmanship to each other. They also had a great time doing our Scottish dances, the Military Two-Step and the Canadian Barn Dance, and most of them knew the dances well and were flinging and clapping and tapping all around the hall. We have also been working on some artistic Christmas projects, with wintery window scenes, reindeer and Santas aplenty.

We have looked at the Nativity story and have been creating puppets and backgrounds to be put together to create a stop motion movie of the Nativity. They have been story-boarding so they know what will happen throughout their scene and will then be testing their skills as voice actors as they record what their characters are saying. The pupils also showed off their own Nativity to the rest of the school in our first run through with costumes and it went very well. There were good reviews all round and I am sure that the full shows next week will be even better.

We have started to look at symmetry in maths and had a look at various shapes and buildings in real life that may or may not be symmetrical and we had some good discussions as to why we could argue some things are, or aren’t, symmetrical. There was a lot of debate as to whether Spiderman’s mask was symmetrical so I’m sure a closer look at the Marvel movies is in order just to make sure.


Monday 16th December – Talent Show

Christmas Dress Down (50p)

Wednesday 18th December – Nativity (10am and 2pm)

Friday 20th December – Last Day of Term (There will be a collection at the Church as normal, any donations are appreciated)

Thanks for your continued support,

Miss Smith and Mr Woodward

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