Primary 3

We started the week in Primary 3 with a visit from the Panto. They put on a brilliant performance of Mother Goose that had all of the children thoroughly entertained! We have continued to work on our own show, our Nativity, and it is getting better and better with each practice – we are looking forward to our dress rehearsal next week when the children can get into costume and show the rest of the school the product of all their hard work.

We have continued to work on The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark and this week we have been looking at a Story Mountain. We have talked about the key ingredients for a story and how going through a story is like climbing a mountain, nice at first, getting harder and more action packed, and then overcoming the story obstacles and arriving at happy endings. In our writing we have continued to write persuasively, this week saw a plea from the pupils to Summer Winter. Some pupils asked Summer Winter for snow for Christmas while others asked her to bring back the sun and the warmth. No matter which side of the discussion the pupils were on their writing was very good.

We have been building up to our P3 party by practising some traditional Christmas songs. We looked at the Military Two Step and the Canadian Barn Dance and the pupils danced with enthusiasm and a lot of energy! In topic Miss Smith’s class looked at the differences between needs and wants, having some great discussions about what they are and if they were marooned on a desert island which items would they need and why. There were some great debates and the pupils were able to recognise what is really important.


Indoor PE:  Miss Smith – Wednesday      Mr Woodward – Wednesday

Outdoor PE: Miss Smith – Tuesday           Mr Woodward – Thursday

P3 Christmas Party: Thursday 12th December

Nativity: Dress Rehearsal Tuesday 10th December.  Actual Show: Wednesday 18th December

Thanks for your continued support

Mr Woodward and Miss Smith

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