Primary 7 – 15.11.19

We think if Santa walked into our rooms at this moment in time he would want to employ us at the North Pole to boost the productivity of his elves. The motivation and commitment of our pupils to cost, manufacture and market their products and games has been fantastic. Primary 7 are buzzing! Please come along and support our pupils Enterprises at the Christmas Fair. We are sure you will pick up a few brilliant gift ideas for Christmas!

We have been discussing the true meaning of this time of year. To start off our conversation we asked the pupils if they had a magical power and could give a gift to every citizen of the world – what would that gift be?

Casey started the conversation with ‘a hot bath – everybody just needs clean water’. The gift ideas spiralled from there – food, shelter, love, education, peace and friendship. Wouldn’t it be lovely if our magical gifts were granted? We are preparing a small school assembly to share our gifts with the rest of the school.

In health we continued to look at the Eatwell plate to help us to analyse some food diaries. Using our knowledge we had to suggest a few healthier food swaps to ensure the person was getting a balanced diet. We are completing our own food diaries for the week and will be bringing them in on Monday to complete a task with them.

In PE we have been learning about Parkour which involves negotiating obstacles by running, jumping and climbing. We are really enjoying this and are developing our skills with increasing speed.

In maths we are focusing on coordinates in four quadrants. Through plotting points on the coordinate grids we realised the importance of reading the x and y axis very carefully! In numeracy we are continuing to focus on decimals and money. As part of our Enterprise project it is very important for us to be able to budget, work out our costs, profit and losses.



PE – Monday and Wednesday

Health homework – Due Monday 18th

Numeracy homework – Due Tuesday 19th

Risk Factory trip – Tuesday 19th November

My Life So Far – Ongoing


Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Macaulay, Mrs Wylie and Mrs Muir

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