Primary 5

P5 have been working very hard this week. The children (and staff) will be ready for their holiday!

In topic the children have each made a leaflet all about their landmark model. Everyone worked really hard to make sure that their leaflet contained interesting facts about their landmark as well as other relevant information. We also tried to make sure they were eye-catching to look at by adding lots of illustrations. You will have a chance to read these on our open morning.

We have also spent some time looking at the different traditional foods from each country in the UK. The children then recreated a dish of a meal that they might find in one of these countries. They were all so creative and some even chose to use a variety of materials such as tissue paper and string to give their meal a 3D effect.  You will have a chance to taste some of these foods at our open morning on Friday 25th October.

Mrs Gilmour’s class had great fun making figures dressed in the national costume of England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. The children worked very hard and the level of detail in the clothing was fantastic. Some of the figures are very life-like!

In writing the children have been creating persuasive posters to encourage everyone to keep safe and healthy. Some of the areas targeted were- washing hands, picking up litter, lining up sensibly, eating more fruit. Look out for the posters around the school when you next visit.

Well done to Mrs Gilmour’s class who have brought their PE kit every week so got to choose a treat in PE. They chose to get the big equipment out and had great fun practicing all the different skills they have learned so far. Miss Morris’ class still have a few who forget their kit, please can you try to remember so we can also get a treat!

Thank you to everyone who attended Parent Consultations this week. It was lovely to meet you all. Remember we are here to offer help at any time please just contact us through the school office.


P5M -Outdoor PE- Monday.

P5G-Futsal (indoors) -Monday

PE with Mrs Ferguson-Thursday.

P5 Landmark open morning- Friday 25th October. P5M visitors- 9.30-10.15. P5G visitors- 11.30-12.15


Thank you for your continued support.

We hope you all have a good holiday.

Mrs Gilmour, Miss Morris, Mr Shanks and Mrs Muir

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