Primary 7 27.09.19

In maths we have been looking at symmetry and shapes. In Symmetry we looked at regular and irregular polygons to find out how many sides and lines of symmetry each had. We learned about the properties of 3D Shapes including pyramids, prisms, cuboid, cone, dodecahedron, triangular based pyramid, square based pyramid, cylinder and sphere.   Michael says a cube whilst not a polygon, is made up of that shape (6 squares).

We are working on our times tables. We have been learning long multiplication using tens, hundreds and thousands. Remember to practise these at home!

In writing we have been focusing on Persuasive writing – We chose our favourite holiday destination and tried to entice the reader that that would be their dream place they wanted to visit.  We used brilliant openers, points of view/paragraphs, emotive language, adjectives and adverbs and finally supported our point of view.  We will be continuing to focus on writing persuasively over the next few weeks.

In PE we are continuing with Basketball and learned various techniques; we were split into four teams where two of the teams not playing assessed two players on the pitch to ascertain if they had good passes, dribbling skills and shooting techniques.

In French  we looked at general  everyday conversations and learned how to answer a partner when he/she asked a question.  We then wrote some conversations into speech bubbles.

We are continuing to learn all about Japan. This week we compared the country to Scotland and found out several differences.  We are so looking forward to a visit from the Japanese Consulate next week.

Your blog was written by Kemi, Michael and Ruiri



PE kit – Monday (outdoors) and Wednesday (indoors)

Homework – Spelling homework due in Friday 4th October

– Big homework – due in Tuesday 8th October

– My Life So Far  – Ongoing throughout the year


Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Macaulay, Mrs Wylie & Mrs Muir


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