Primary 3

It has been a short week but we have been doing a lot in Primary 3. Summer Winter has come back from her long weekend and has done a good job of hanging around (literally). P3 have been teaching her all about rainbows and how they are made and we have been using lots of items to make our own rainbows indoors, the classrooms were so colourful! We have been writing and filming our very own weather reports as well and we can tell we have some budding weather presenters in our midst.

Pupils put on their navy hats in maths as we learned co-ordinates using Battleships. There was a cross-class competition before the pupils did their own and Miss Smith’s class were the clear winners.  There was lots of competition going on and lots of enthusiasm and this challenge has also formed part of the next fortnight’s homework.


Homework due 30th September

PE Kit:

Indoor: Wednesday (Mr Woodward)/ Thursday (Miss Smith)

Outdoor: Tuesday (Miss Smith)/ Thursday (Mr Woodward)

Please ensure that spelling and reading are being practised every night.

Can we also remind pupils to make sure names are going on school clothes as we are beginning to find items of clothing being left behind and they are not being claimed.

Thanks for your support,

Miss Smith and Mr Woodward

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