Primary 3 28.4.19

Welcome back everyone! We hope you all had a relaxing Easter break!

This week we have started our new topic which we have decided to call ‘Ocean Commotion’. The children have been impressing us so far with some of their knowledge, but we still have so much more we are eager to learn. The children have suggested lines of enquiry for this topic and have outlined activities they wish to do as well, so the topic is truly made from their ideas and questions.

To kick start the topic, we have learned about a turtle called ‘Peanut’, and how his life was changed because of ocean pollution and the carelessness of humans. He has grown up in captivity, therefore we have been finding out more about his natural habitat and who he would have shared the sea with. So far, we have learned of the zones of the sea and the creatures we could find within. We will be creating a vision of this in our classrooms in a display which we are very excited about!

This week is also Lowport. It is Miss Smith’s first time going too and so we are all very excited! We have put together a little talent show by the pupils for our disco night too which we are looking forward to. We are a very talented lot!

Please remember, if you have not already ordered a packed lunch for Thursday and need one, to hand in the yellow form or speak to someone in the office. Also, if the EE2 information form has not been completed and returned, could this be done at your earliest convenience? In addition to this, medication should be handed into the office prior to the trip.

We will take lots of photos to share our experience with you when we return.

Homework will commence as normal this week.

Miss Smith, Mrs Smith and Ms Matheson.

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