Primary 7

The pupils became Japanese for a time this week, adopting Japanese names and writing diary entries as Japanese school children. We were surprised to find out that in Japan the pupils have to clean their own schools, serve their own lunches and eat them in their classrooms!

As we continue studying Time in Maths please bring time into your routines and conversations at home. Ask your child to calculate time periods , convert from the 12 to the 24 hour clock etc .

Once again primary 7 have inspired us with their mature discussions around our class novel Wonder. This week we have discussed in depth the actions of characters, relating them to real life circumstances and how we would have perhaps dealt with certain situations.


PE – Outdoor Kit Mondays Indoor Kit Wednesdays

Homework – spelling words will be given on Mondays with homework due on Fridays. We are now concentrating on sentences and will not be expecting the children to complete a spelling activity .

Topic Homework – Due Tuesday 9th October . Remember that all pupils will be expected to present their work to the class week commencing 8th October.

Maths – Miss Mulherns group has homework due on Monday

Thanks for your continued support.


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