Primary One 2nd October 2018

Thank you again to all the visitors we had to our Open Afternoon/Morning last Thursday and Friday.  The children loved showing you around the classes and letting you have a go at some of the activities they do every day.

This week we will be moving on from our work on ‘Our School’ and will be beginning to focus on ‘Myself’.  The children will be writing personal stories about themselves, drawing pictures of themselves in the craft area and creating characters based on themselves to use in the construction area.  We will also we using play dough to create the features of our faces and making up stories using our photographs.

In Maths this week we will be beginning to work on the concept of addition as combining sets.  At home you can help with this through discussion about every day items like adding the number of plates and spoons on the table or the shoes and coats when getting ready in the morning.

Our sounds this week will be and e.  We will be looking around for things that start with these sounds and forming them in sand, paint and in jotters.  Again you can help at home by asking your child if they can think of anything in the home that starts with these sounds.

Please remember that Parent Consultations will be held next Wednesday and Thursday.  Please book your slot using the link you were provided on the letter that came home with your child.

Reminders for next week-

Monday-Indoor gym

Tuesday-New Reading book issued.

Wednesday-Parent Consultation

Thursday-Parent Consultation

Could children please bring their Reading book in their reading folder every day as we may have time for extra Reading sessions throughout the week.

Thank you for your continued support.

Miss Pringle, Mrs Oliver, Miss Christy and Mrs Steel

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