Primary 6 25.5.18

We have had some fantastic conversations this week about heroes and role models that centred around our inclusion topic. The pupils were all able to come up with a large and varied cast of people who we look up to, whether they have had to overcome exclusion or they are champions of inclusion for others and it was great to see such enthusiasm! The pupils have been tasked with creating a talk of between 2-4 minutes about their chosen inclusion champion (although we’re sure they could talk for much longer!) and we very much look forward to hearing more of their passion come across after they’ve had a chance to really delve into their person.
The pupils have been really letting their creativity out this week as well in Art, looking more at the work of Matisse and across the year there are some great pieces of work that a lot of care and expression have gone into.
The pupils have been spending more time with their buddies and this will continue over the coming weeks to make sure that the bonds the pupils have already made with each other continue to grow, we are very proud of how caring and responsible the P6 buddies have been!
PE – Indoor Kit – Wednesdays
Outdoor Kit – Mondays
Homework –Spelling words will be given on Mondays with homework due on Fridays.
Maths Homework – Remember to hand in maths homework, different classes will designate a different day for homework and remember to keep focussing on times tables! Mrs Wylie’s class, your homework is due on Wednesday and Mr Woodward’s class your homework is due on Thursday.
Thank for your continued support.
Mr. Woodward, Mrs Wylie, Mr Shanks and Miss Paterson

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