P5 update 29.09.17

This week in Miss Farren’s maths set they have been learning to create maps using the 8 compass points. They were using Probots to demonstrate their understandings of maps and compass points.   Miss Jamison’s maths set were learning about place value up to 100 000 and coordinates.

In P.E on Tuesday we have hand ball and on Thursday we have badminton with Miss Ferguson. We enjoy the lessons for lots of reasons!

Miss Jamison’s class in writing were creating newspaper reports about invasion and the Battle of Hastings.

In Miss Farren’s class for reading they were focusing on adverbs and verbs which are techniques used by the authors to make exciting writing. In Miss Jamison’s class for reading they were doing invasion about King William.

The big homework for all of P5 is making landmarks from Great Britain. The work is due on Friday 13th of October

Both classes were focusing on “ee” sounds in spelling. The children recorded dictations to help them understand how to write the “ee” words.

Both classes were doing a display challenge in groups about Great Britain. Each group was given a country from Great Britain to describe in groups of 4.

By: Julia, Iona, Michal and Lana (P5F and P5J)

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