Primary 7 – 03.02.17

Hello from Primary 7,

We started the week with a Scottish flavour with our Scots afternoon with invited guests. The children helped to serve the food and clear away the dishes. Some also had to chat to our guests which they were very good at! A good time was had by all our visitors and they left with a very good impression of Carmondean primary.

The children had another session with Mr Shanks investigating the programme Kudo. Please ask your child about what this entails as I am sure they will be very excited to tell you!

In writing the children were creating Propaganda posters. They were looking at different slogans and pictures that were used and have created their own. Look out for these on parents’night as they are fabulous!

We had our first official literacy circles session on Wednesday. Unfortunately some children had not completed their homework. For literacy circles to work properly all children need to complete their homework each week. They are given a week to complete their homework task which is plenty of time.

It has been assessment week in school and the children have completed assessments in a variety of curricular areas. You will have the opportunity to look over these to see your child’s progress from last time at parents evening.

On Monday a visiting PE specialist will be working with the children. They will hopefully be using the large apparatus and gymnastics equipment. Please ensure your child has appropriate PE kit!


Spelling homework

Maths homework

Tempest Photography in on Tuesday 7th February

Parents night – Tuesday 8th Feb and Wednesday 9th Feb

Valentines dress down day – Thursday 9th February

Friday – Holiday!



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