Primary 5. 04.11.2016

This week we have started preparing for our assembly by learning the words to four different songs, one for each of the countries in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. We have also begun to learn about the patron saints of these countries.

We have also finished writing our latest stories, “I was left behind”. Some of our stories are so good that we have chosen to put them in our learning journals.

Over the next couple of weeks we are going to start selling wrist bands to support children in need. To raise publicity for this we are creating posters which we can stick up around the school.

Primary 5B have had a a student from Deans Community High School helping us out this week.

Reminders for next week

  • Spelling homework
  • Maths homework
  • Reading Homework
  • PE kits on Tuesday and Thursday

Can you make sure that you sign your child’s homework diary so that we know you are checking them?


Mrs. Steel and Mr. Greig

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