Primary 4 week beg 13.10.16

Welcome to the primary 4 blog,

we have had an exciting week in Primary 4. We began our week with a visit from the Vikings! We have learned lots of interesting facts about the lifestyles of Vikings. The children got to hold real artifacts, see weapons and listen to old tales about the Viking gods.





We have also had our Viking Bake Off this week. The children worked in teams to measure ingredients and follow the recipe to make Viking bread. We are grateful to Mr Shanks and Mr Grieg who came in to be our guest judging panel! They gave the children full reviews on their baking and chose a winning team from each class. All the children enjoyed this and loved taking part in this activity.



We want to thank you for attending this weeks Parent’s evenings. We hope you enjoyed looking at the children’s work and our Viking breads.
We hope you enjoy the holidays and we will see you back at school on Tuesday 25th October. We would also like to apologise for the confusion about when big homework is due. We would appreciate it if you could hand in big homework when you return on Tuesday the 25th, not the 21st as we wrote on the letter.
When we return we will be continuing library books but also introducing our guided reading novels. You should expect assigned reading each week. We would be grateful if you could support and listen to your child reading this.

Have a wonderful holiday, stay safe!

Thank you, the P4 teachers.

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