Carmondean Nursery Week beginning 5 September 2016

Another busy week in our Nursery with lots of new boys and girls starting. Children have enjoyed playing in our garden, even in some rain showers! They have been making yummy mud soup and counting the ducks in the water tray. Please remember to send your child to Nursery with a coat as we do go outside in all weathers. In group time we have been practising how to be good learners by sitting with out legs crossed and having our eyes and ears switched on. We have read and discussed stories and talked about our Nursery Golden rules. In numeracy group time we have been counting and then matching our counting to collections of objects. We were learning counting Nursery rhymes and singing ‘One, two, three, four, five once I caught a fish alive’. We have been helping to make snack and are becoming very independent at collecting our own plate of food and water or milk to drink. Children have gone to the main school for gym lessons and here we are learning to listen carefully and find a space of our own. Well done boys and girls a very successful week at Carmondean Nursery.

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