Nursery 29 August – 2nd September

What a busy week we have had in our Nursery! We have welcomed lots of new children and their families and our Pre-school children have been helping the little ones find out about Nursery life. On Monday our Pre-school children attended the Early Years school assembly where we got a certificate for being ‘Responsible Citizens’. This reflected how well the children were managing to move from Nursery to the main school building, particularly as the building works make this a little tricky at the moment. On Tuesday we held our Nursery Open Afternoon, only a very few families managed to attend this event, we would welcome your feedback about how we could change things in the future to make it possible for more families to attend. On Wednesday we dug up some of our Nursery vegetables and with the help of Mrs Murphy the children made some delicious soup which they had for snack the following day.

The children have been learning our Nursery welcome song and have been interested in the change of month from August to September as well as a change of season.

We have been working on our big poster for the main school hall – our focus is on ‘Being Safe’ and the children have been painting pictures about how they stay safe and who keeps them safe. This has linked with our GIRFEC focus on ‘Being Safe’.

Please see our weekly bulletin below:

Carmondean Nursery: Weekly Bulletin 05/09/16


Our learning focus this week will be centred around learning the nursery Golden Rules, settling in and meeting new friends. We are linking this work to our GIRFEC focus (Getting it right for every child) and our emphasis this week is on SAFE. Our assessment focus this week will be about children’s level of engagement in all areas of the Nursery.

We will introduce the children to the following:

How to self-register, secure areas of the nursery, supervision (what happens when I need to go to the toilet?), building work and travelling to the school, as well as safety in the garden. For the home link focus this week we would very much appreciate if you could talk to your child about being safe within your home setting and travelling to Nursery.

We continue to have new children arriving in Nursery this week and we are looking forward to meeting them and their families.

Gym for morning children will be on Friday and afternoon children on a Tuesday.



  • The Nursery have our own page on the school blog, please go to the Carmondean Primary blog where you will be able to navigate your way to the Nursery page and find out what we did in Nursery last week. This will be updated on a Friday.
  • If you have not already done so please sent your child into Nursery with a box of tissues and any junk material you may have. Thank you.
  • We are looking for anyone who would be interested in joining our new Nursery Parents/Carers Association to let one of the Nursery Team know.
  • We are currently putting children’s names on shoes, if your child has not got their name on their gym shoes please hand them to the member of staff on the door.
  • Snack money is now due, please either pay via parent pay or put the money in an envelope with your child’s name on the front and clearly labelled ‘Snack Money’ (£12 from now to October holidays).
  • Any parent/carer who would like to be a Nursery Helper please speak to Mrs Fletcher who will organise the necessary paper work.
  • A Parent/Carer meeting to roll out the new Learner’s Journey web site will be held on Thursday 29thSeptember at 6pm in the Nursery.Carmondean Nursery: Weekly Bulletin 05/09/16

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