Welcome back to Carmondean Nursery

It was lovely to see ┬áthe boys and girls back at Nursery this week. Staff went out on home visits to meet all our ante-preschool children and we are looking forward to welcoming them into Nursery over the next few weeks. We enjoyed learning about what our friends were up to during the summer holidays. Some of the children’s brothers and sisters started school on Tuesday and off course this was very exciting! In some more exciting news we wish to congratulate Keaghan McQuade and his family on the safe arrival of baby Oli, we are looking forward to meeting him.

The start of the Nursery School year has seen the children enjoying playing in the garden and finding out how the vegetables we planted before the summer holidays have been growing. However, there has been a problem!! Some little creatures have been nibbling away on our lovely cabbages so some of the children decided to investigate! We found worms, snails and slugs and we gave them a firm telling off!! Next week we will make some vegetable soup with vegetables from our garden and will look forward to tasting it at snack time with some crusty bread.

We have been revising our Nursery rules and routines and linking this in with our curriculum focus over the next few weeks which is based around the GIRFEC principals. This ties in with some work the whole school are focusing on at the moment and we as a Nursery will be contributing to a whole school display by doing some art work for the school hall. Children have settled well and the pre-school children are excited about being the ‘big’ boys and girls when our little ones start next week.

Building works is ongoing and we very much appreciate your understanding as the main entrance to the Nursery is still via the bottom gate and the cloak room is in the big room. We have been watching the builders working when out playing in the garden and are really looking forward to using our new gym hall.

Newsletters were handed out and emailed this week. Please see one of the Nursery team if you did not receive one. Annual updates will be sent home with the children next week. Please ensure you complete and return these as they contain important information including email addresses etc for us to send home newsletters and bulletins etc. Each week I will post on the blog a weekly bulletin (I will print some paper copies for those without email) which will contain important information about the week ahead, I hope this helps keep you informed about what is happening in Nursery the following week.

It has been an exciting week at our Nursery everybody is happy to be back and we are looking forward to next week when more boys and girls will join us for the very first time.

Best wishes

Mrs Fletcher and the Nursery Team

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