Benmore – Last Day

Good morning from a dry (at the moment) Benmore. Everyone had a great time at the disco last night and are now slightly worried the pictures might find their way onto an assembly presentation. Everyone was asleep by 9.45 and slept soundly all night long. However, there were a few Bed-Heads at breakfast this morning and plentiful yawns and nodding heads. Looks like the bus journey home will be very quiet! The children were very pleased to get your messages (even the bits I made up – sorry Ryan), so thanks for sending them. It really does add to the experience knowing the people at home are following their adventures. To answer some questions, Imane – the fish and chips were absolutely delicious, possibly┬áthe best we’ve ever tasted. Gregor – some people found┬áthe nightline scary, but everyone enjoyed it. We were very interested to hear about the knights, armour and weapons challenge you were doing and we’re looking forward to seeing these when we get home. The plan is to arrive at Carmondean at approximately 4.00, depending on availability of ferry spaces. See you then.

Bed heads at breakfast
Bed heads at breakfast

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