Benmore – First Contact

Greetings from sunny (some of the time) Benmore. Primary 5 children have well and truly arrived and guess what was waiting for them? A group of pupils from Deans Primary, just along the road! They’re having a residential at Benmore too!

Already the programme has been action-packed with a forest walk this afternoon and a nightline activity after a lovely dinner of fish and chips. Now it’s time for bed for a good night’s sleep to prepare us for a full day of exciting activities tomorrow.

Everyone has settled well and is enjoying themselves immensely. Why not drop us a message to share with the children. Just reply to this post and we’ll get it and share it.

Goodnight all!

4 thoughts on “Benmore – First Contact”

  1. Hi Everyone, (especially Louisa and Murray)

    Glad to see you guys in the photos, looks like great fun. Enjoy your last day and see you tommorow x

  2. Good morning from sunny Livingston! We are glad that you have all arrived safely and are having a good time. Imane is jealous because you had fish and chips for dinner. Gregor is wondering what the night walk was like? Was it scary? What activities are you going to do today? We have been doing a challenge where we have been making our own Knights and giving them armour and weapons. This has been great fun, we have enjoyed painting them and using junk to make weapons. We also hope that we will be able to use what Mr Shanks taught us in ICT to make leaflets about the weapons. We hope you all have a great day. We can’t wait to see you all next week and have a look at some pictures of your adventures.
    Mrs Steel and P5

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