Superb Scots Afternoon

It was our annual Scots Afternoon today at Carmondean Primary School and what an outstanding success it turned out to be. We welcomed Ben and Ryan, pipers from Deans Community High School, to kick the afternoon off in front of our audience of invited guests. Special Guest, Mr Coulter, addressed the haggis before everyone sat down to a meal of soup, stovies and a choice of dessert. The food was either made by members of staff or donated by Morrison’s Supermarket, so a huge thank you to everyone who provided food. Of course, having the food is no good unless you have people to serve it, so a huge thank you to Eveleyn and Karen, our lunch ladies, who stayed on after their usual duties to serve up the goodies. Naturally, our Pupil Support Workers and Primary 7 pupils did a great job of decorating and serving tables, etc, so another thank you to them.

Then it was ‘on with the show’. Every child in the Primary School and a group from the Nursery performed songs, poems and dances to entertain our audience, who were delighted with the quality and variety of the talent on offer. The afternoon finished on a high note as Rebekah Douglas sang a solo version of ‘Ae Fond Kiss’.

The whole event was organised and run (with very little help from any adults) by our Senior Challenge Group under the leadership of Ms Smith. Sam and Sophia compéred the show, Andrew and Cameron videoed the whole affair for posterity, Jennifer operated the computer and many others worked away in the background welcoming guests and doing ‘runners’ to collect the classes and organise them for their performances – all did a stupendous job. The afternoon finished when all of our invited guests were presented with the now famous ‘Carmondean Bag’ and a limited edition calendar produced by children in the school.


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