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P2/3 winter activities


Winter Activities


Dear Parents/ Carers

Here is a Snow Day Bingo grid as a suggestion of activities to complete with your child during any snow days.

Practise our new learning in maths – ‘groups of’. Make snowballs and put them into groups – ask your child how many groups there are and how many snowballs there are in each group. Then take a group each and have a snowball fight!

Practise subtraction skills during  your snowball fight.

Write an imaginative story about the snowman that you built.

Use a stick to practise spelling tricky words in the snow.

You can also use the Read Write Count bags to complete literacy and maths activities.



Here are a few websites for any children wishing to continue to practise their literacy/maths skills. – lots of great addition, subtraction and spelling games 



Thanks, Miss Edmond

P2/3 Blog reveal *Brooklyn’s title*

Olivia: I wrote a book review about Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs in my reading passport.

Here is Caleb’s book report:

Ollie: we’ve been learning about food chains. Food chains are all the different animals that eat other things. In a food chain the arrow means ‘is eaten by’.

Conor: We’ve been sorting out animals into habitats. We put the polar bears in the Arctic, the elephants in the African Plain and the whale into the Sea.

Brooklyn: We played a game on the board and it was a quiz. We had to hold up our fingers for answer 1, 2 or 3 to vote for the right answer. The quiz was about the habitats that humans and animals live in. Humans can’t live in the Rainforest because there are poisonous animals and trees there. Humans can live on farmlands because they can get food they need from the farm animals.

Brandon: We’ve been learning some sounds: ‘ee’ and ‘oo’. We are very good at it now.

Peter Pan have been working hard to spell CVC words!

Mason: We used playdough and buttons to make sums like 5+5=10 (doubles).

Sarah and Ruaridh: We are matching the car numbers to the right word.

Caleb: We had numicon and we were adding from numbers that end in 0. We rolled one dice that went up to 90 and matched it with a normal dice that went up to 6 and added them together.



What a busy week!

Chloe: today we were movie stars. We were filmed doing super maths.

Logan: we made number bond chains by adding 2 chains together and we wrote the sum on the chain.

Well done to P2/3 for being fantastic super stars when West Lothian Council were filming us today for the COSLA awards.

Caleb: we read ‘Bumpus Jumpus Dinosaurumpus’ and we wrote our own poems to finish the story.

Brooklyn: we coloured in dinosaurs from the Dinosaurumpus story. Some were colourful and some had zig zags on them.

Taiba: we painted a large T-rex and Brachiosaurus for our dinosaur wall.

Conor: we wrote a book review about a book from our library.

Connor: We were spelling out our words and we wrote them on the boards. I spelt cat, mat, man and mum.


P2/3’s learning


Amy: In Number talks, we’ve been learning about the missing number. We had to work out how many beads are hiding under the box.

Ruaridh: we’ve been practising our bunny ears to show fast facts to 10.

Caleb: we painted our fingers and had to print it on the piano. We were making a pattern and had to match the numbers to the right colour.

Social studies:

Logan and Connor H: We were learning to sort dinosaurs into carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.

Roxanne: We’ve been learning that a T-Rex eats meat and that is called a carnivore.



Sarah: I enjoy the monsters inc warm up in P.E.

Tobi: we have been practising our basketball skills in P.E.

Olivia: we had to bend our knees to put the basketball in the net. You have to look at the hoop so you can aim.

Michael: you need to aim for the box on the backboard.

P2/3’s maths week

For Scottish Maths week we have been learning lots about numbers and sorting:


Neve: I’ve learnt that 6+4=10 in Number Talks.

Olivia: I’ve been practising my number bonds during Number Talks.

Logan: I learnt how to sort the emojis into groups.

Chloe: I learnt to make patterns with the shapes. We had to think about how to sort them by shapes and colours.

We’ve been reading James and the Giant Peach as our class Novel:

Roxanne: I’ve been learning about James and the Giant Peach. Aunt Sponge and Aunt spiker are rude and one is fat and the other is skinny.

For Roald Dahl day we read ‘The Enormous Crocodile’. We wrote words to describe the crocodile and painted crocodiles. We dipped objects in paint and used them to print shapes onto the crocodile. Well done to Conor M for speaking at the whole school assembly about our Roald Dahl activities.


What else have we learnt?

Conor M: This week we’ve learning ‘sh’ and ‘ch’. We sorted ‘sh’ and ‘ch’ words into groups.

Amy: We’ve been learning how to write small ‘o’ and capital ‘O’ for handwriting. We had to do peer assessments to vote for the best ‘o’ in our peer’s work.

Taiba: We learnt about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores for our Dinosaur topic.

Ollie: I’ve learnt that in school you always have to try on everything; maths, number talks and reading. We always have to keep on trying.

A visit from Buzzy Bee

P2 had a very exciting start to the week when a box arrived in our classroom from Buzzy Bee. It had lots of objects inside like tomato sauce, beans, flowers and honey. Buzzy taught us about how these objects linked to bees through pollination.

Olivia: ‘pollination is when bees collect nectar from the flowers and the pollen sticks to their fur. Then they go on to another flower and the pollen drops on to the flower and it makes new seeds’.

Here is a picture of us drinking our ‘nectar’ and collecting ‘pollen’ when we landed on our flowers.

We learnt that because there aren’t as many wild flowers as there used to be, bees can’t pollinate as they used to and are becoming endangered.

Ben: ‘Bees are becoming endangered because of habitat destruction’.

P2 decided that we would help bees by planting some new seeds to grow into flowers for the bees to pollinate.


We enjoyed spending time outside with P1, P1/2 and P2/3 this week learning lots of new skills and showed excellent team work on the tyres and trim trail!

World book day

Well done to all of the P2 pupils who dressed up for World Book Day. You all looked amazing!

Congratulations to our stars who performed a short drama sketch at the school assembly to show the story of ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’.  You all showed fantastic confidence and were proud to be on stage.

It was lovely to have P6 join us for some buddy reading. P2 enjoyed reading to their buddies and having some trickier stories read to them.


For science this week, we tested materials to find out which materials are waterproof. Each group showed excellent team working skills and had fantastic discussions around whether some of the materials really were waterproof or not.


After a week of trying really hard to earn lots of Goblet of Good Manners post-its, P2 won the Goblet of Good Manners trophy today!



P2’s health week

On Wednesday P2 were joined by P2/3 to play some team games in the hall. The children worked very well together and used excellent skills to work out the best strategies for their team. Please visit P2/3’s blog post to see photos of the Cat and Mouse game!

P2 were excited to take part in a handball session and learn about how to safely throw and catch a ball. Miss Edmond was impressed at how well the children in P2 could dribble the ball and pass the ball between their legs!


Have a lovely weekend resting after a busy week, P2!

PATPAL and our learning throughout the week

Thank you so much to all of our adults who visited P2 during our PATPAL morning. We loved having you in class to show off our learning in maths.

We are learning to count ‘groups of’ and some of us are able to work out the matching multiplication sum too!

img_09101 img_09231


P2 loved the ‘perseverance’ workshop with Darren on Thursday. We found some of the activities a challenge but we used our growth mindsets to keep trying and we never gave up!

126 129 130 133 136

We looked at the soldiers uniform as part of our Romans topic and wrote an application form to be a Roman soldier. We used super capital letters and full stops during our writing. Well done Ben for writing the reasons that he would be a great soldier to convince the reader to hire him! P2 did very well to support each other to make their writing even better during peer marking time, super work!


I loved hearing all of the Scottish poems in class this week and well done to our winner Lauren for using excellent actions during her poem.