P7 Review of the Week 14.5.21

We’ve had a great week in P7. Here are some of the highlights –

  • Our final session with Jen and Jen from Live n Learn
  • Writing a response text for Aquarium from Carnival of the Animals
  • Finding rules in algebra
  • Planning our Leavers’ Assembly
  • Thinking about what love means to us
  • Using the speed, distance, time triangle
  • Looking at the features of different species and how these help them survive and reproduce
  • Cricket and rounders in PE

What did you enjoy most this week?

What challenged your mindset this week?

When did you have to look on the bright side this week?

33 thoughts on “P7 Review of the Week 14.5.21”

  1. 1. I liked when we done the power point and got to choose what you wanted to do so I done the seahorse.
    2. Writing the text about the aquarium -Carnival of the animals
    3. When we had to do Sex Ed when I didn’t really feel up to it but in the end I did.

  2. 1. I enjoyed PE this week because I like rounders.

    2. Some of the activities in the maths stations challenged me a lot but I got there in the end.

    3. I had to look on the bright side in the speed distance and time triangle because I thought i was getting things wrong first but the I looked at them again and got the right answer.

  3. 1.I enjoyed playing rounders on the field or doing our blossom trees.
    2.I think that learning BODMAS challenged my mindset this week.
    3.I had to look on the bright side when we were learning algebra in maths.

  4. 1. I enjoyed making a PowerPoint about the different animals.
    2. The problem solving.
    3. When our team was doing bad in rounders.

  5. 1. I found the looking at the different species and how they survive and reproduce.
    2. The problem solving.
    3. When my team was doing bad in cricket.

  6. 1. Thinking about love. I liked the video with the cute heart.

    2. Time maths

    3. When it was really rainy

  7. 1. I enjoyed rounders.
    2. The maths was pretty hard.
    3. Finding rules in algebra because I didn’t think I could do it.

  8. The thing I most enjoyed this week was the presentation on animal reproduction

    I found that algebra was quite hard but I enjoyed it aswell


  9. 1) When we did rounders in PE.
    2) The maths.
    3) When I couldn’t think of what to do for writing.

  10. I enjoyed doing cricket in PE

    Algebra challenged me the most this week

    When we had to find other stuff to do instead of the leavers stuff P7s do every year

  11. 1 I enjoyed learning about a Platypus

    2 The thing that challenged me the most was catching up on work after being absent.

    3 Speed distance time

  12. 1. I enjoys PE this week
    2. This week I found maths quite tricky
    3. This week I had to try and look on the bright side in writing

  13. 1.the animal reproduction.
    2.the BODMAS challenged me the most.
    3.when we were doing the song writing this week.

  14. Keira
    1. Rounders in PE
    2. The Maths was hard
    3. It was indoor break

    1. I enjoyed making the book about the animals
    2. Algebra
    3. Non stop cricket

    1. I enjoyed doing the Book Creator. I did a salmon and an echidna!
    2. The distance, time, speed challenge!
    3. When I hurt my knee and my eye

    1. I enjoyed making the books about animals in Science
    2. the DST Triangle
    3. the DST Triangle

    1. Cricket in PE
    2. Maths

    1. PE
    2. Speed, time and distance maths
    3. ???

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