P7B Review of the Week 6.11.20

We are in November already! This week has been jam packed. Here are some of the things we have done.

  • November calendar page display
  • Bullet points sorting task
  • Healthy eating advice posters
  • Good copies of our Remembrance Day reports
  • Journey of sound to the ear/brain activities
  • Spellavator Wars
  • Angles and position assessments
  • Following and learning about the US elections
  1. What did you enjoy this week?
  2. How can you connect something you have learnt to the Global Goals?
  3. What gave you confidence in yourself this week?
  4. What acts of kindness have you seen this week? – This could be something you have done or something you have seen.


25 thoughts on “P7B Review of the Week 6.11.20”

  1. I enjoyed spelling because me and Alfie won as contestants.
    I put all my rubbish in the bin.
    I knew I was going to be a good week when I got picked for spelling and it was.
    The p5 video of a kindness bumerang.

  2. 1.Making our firework display for the school calendar.
    2.By picking up litter in the playground because I was a litter picker this week.
    3.To know that I always have my friends to relay on.
    4.When someone got hurt some other people helped them.

  3. 1) following and learning about the US elections
    2) I can connect the healthy eating to goal number 3/ good health and well-being
    3) the maths assessments
    4) I saw someone help someone when they fell

  4. The November calendar page.
    Peace fairnesss and democracy is the global goal I can connect my learning to.
    Is that when I understood the maths I had confidence that I could do it.
    In the virtual assembly the P5s kindness video was one of the kind things I saw.

  5. 1. I enjoyed watching who would win the US election (I want Biden to win).
    2. The US election is connected to number 16 Peace, Fairness, Democracy.
    3. When I did well on basketball and got a house point.
    4. This week when I was playing minecraft online on Hypixel survival there was this guy who had just started so I gave him a few stacks of diamonds to start him off.

  6. 1.I enjoyed learning about the election as I didn’t know that much.

    2.Also us learning about democracy and politics and peace connects to the global goal reduced inequality.

    3.Doing quite well on my Remembrance Day report gave me confidence in myself.

    4.Acts of kindness I’ve seen this week is somebody helping someone with their work when they were stuck.

  7. 1) I enjoyed The Kahoot!
    2) I can connect quality education to my learning because I am being educated at school.
    3) my friends cheering me on in a basketball game.
    4) someone helped someone else when they were hurt.

  8. 1. Writing the information page.
    2. We have been watching the American election and seeing how that links to one of the global goals.
    3. Laughing with my friends.
    4. I saw someone who was alone on bench and someone asked if they wanted to play with them.

  9. 1. I enjoyed the November calendar page display.
    2. I helped by not dropping any litter.
    3. Probably pe because I won one of the games so it gave me more confidence in basketball.
    4. Passed the ball to someone who wanted it.

  10. 1.Making the firework drawing with highlights
    2.Democracy and reduced inequalities is something I can connect with my learning
    3.the maths gave me confidence that I am good at maths
    4.I helped Bethany with her firework photo

  11. 1. The Remembrance Day report.
    2. I can connect learning and following the US election to the fair democracy global goal.
    3. Learning about eating healthy.
    4. I saw a lot of acts of kindness in the kindness video that the primary 5s made.

  12. 1.following and learning about the us election
    2. I have help litter pick because Andrew was off
    3.that I have my friends to relay on all the time
    4. I have treated with kindness from my friends because when I fell over they helped me

  13. 1 I enjoyed finding out that a new girl will be coming on Monday.

    2 Democracy.

    3 doing the basketball game in PE.

    4 the kindness boomerang video made by P5 and I saw my friend fall over and then my friend helped them.

  14. 1.I really enjoyed doing the fire work Display.
    2.I have done litter picking this week.
    3.I have got alout more this week which has gave me the confidence do work harder and get more done.
    4.someone got kicked in the face with a ball and her friends went and helped her get up

  15. I enjoyed keeping track on the election in school.
    Peace fairness and democracy no. 16.
    Understanding the maths assessment.
    Putting the jotters away.

  16. 1. Doing the pet survey.
    2. The second one, I have eaten all my food at lunch this week.
    3.Try to have fun and it feels like the time sped up.
    4.Thejotters being put away by Oliver R.

  17. 1.Learning about Remembrance Day and doing a repot about it!!
    2.About the things happening in the U.S Elections its about peace, kindness and democracy
    3.To be more better than yourself at anything you want to be great at just believe in yourself! and having a good friend at your side.
    4.I have done a act of kindness this week is by when one of my best friends where down because of some people there where mean to here so I went and played with her today!!

  18. 1)long o in spelling
    2)Healthy eating posters
    3)doing the Healthy eating posters
    4)People sharing the ropes and hoops

  19. 1) I enjoyed The Kahoot!
    2) I can connect quality education to my learning because I am being educated at school.
    3) my friends cheering me on in a basketball game.
    4) someone helped someone else when they were hurt.

  20. 1.Making our calendar.
    2.The US election links in with peace , fairness and democracy.
    3.When we were making our calendar.
    4.I was a litter picker.

  21. 1) The November calendar page display.
    2) Number 13 because I’ve been doing litter picking this week.
    3) Doing the Spellavator Wars test this week because I’ve learnt the words in previous days.
    4) When Tara got hurt I saw her friends helping and being nice to her.

  22. 1. The November calendar
    2. Democracy and peace
    3.the teachers and my friends
    4. Shearing the toys in the playground

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