P7A review of the week

We were delighted to get some new playground toys this week and this extra long skipping rope as been a big hit! Thank you Mrs Wilson!

So what else have we done this week?

  • Multiplying and Dividing Decimals
  • More long /o/ sounds in spelling
  • Information Reports on Remembrance Day
  • Fireworks banner
  • Working on our calendar page collage
  • Drug and alcohol awareness continued
  • Be kind to others – thinking of ways we can brighten someone’s day and adding to our ‘Giving Tree’
  • Scale drawings of more complex shapes

Questions to think about:

  1. What did you try really hard with this week?
  2. What would you do differently if you had a chance?
  3. Can you think of a time this week when you have shown kindness to others?

16 thoughts on “P7A review of the week”

  1. 1) I tried really hard with my maths

    2) I think I would do my scale drawing different

    3)When I helped someone with their maths

  2. I tried really hard with the Remembrance Day writing
    Maybe had a chance to do The fireworks
    Helped someone when stuck in maths

  3. I tried really hard on my math this week.
    If I had a chance to do something differently I would
    be Santa instead of elf.
    Yes I have done something kind to some of my
    friends this week .

  4. I have tried really hard on my speed tests
    I don’t think I would I would do anything different I really loved this week
    I have been kind by making sure that everyone is ok and is happy

  5. 1.i have tried to be kind to everyone
    2.i tried hard on the Remembrance Day writing
    3.yes when someone was very sad

  6. 1) writing I found it really hard but I kept on pushing
    2) Try remember to wash my water bottle at home
    3) my friend was sad and wanted to be left alone but I just sat there until he told me because I could tell he wanted to tell me but did not know how
    I have loved this week especially when we got the new playground toys it was great fun on Wednesday until one person started being unfair. I also have loved doing our firework display and our calendar we got December.

  7. It think I put more effort in my Remembrance Day information report than I usually would in my writing

    Not arguing with someone

    I helped Lewis with his maths

  8. I really Enjoyed doing the firework display

    I feel like I could’ve done better with my writing

    I enjoyed doing a leaf for the giving tree

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