Weekly Review – 21/1/22

This week has been great. We have….

-Continued to work on division strategies

-Completed our McCoo art which we are all very proud of.

-Continued to learn our chosen Scottish poem in preparation for our class Burn’s Supper on Wednesday afternoon.

-Completed our limericks and created GiF’s to bring them to life.

-Continued to explore the book, “neaps and tatties”.

-Explored friendships and focused on the differences between online and in person friends.

-Worked on the o sound in spelling.

What have you worked hard on this week?

22 thoughts on “Weekly Review – 21/1/22”

  1. This week I have worked hard on my maths getting a good score on it and getting only one wrong I have also worked hard on spelling getting lodes of growing words in the test.

  2. This week I have enjoyed doing our mcoos and also learning about them because it is a really amazing story how the creator of mcoos painted the mcoos. I also enjoyed doing our limerick’s it is really fun and it sounds hart to learn but it is really simple and easy it is really enjoyable.

  3. This Week I’ve Enjoyed Doing The Illustrations Of The Neeps & Tatties Book & Working On Our Long O Sound In Spelling Because Neep & Tatties Is Illustrated Amazingly & Spelling Is Power To Learn Words

  4. This week I enjoyed doing our Scottish poems because you get to learn so much new words.I also enjoyed doing our limerick gif because it looked so awesome. I am excited to start a new week and learn more things. 🤩🤩

  5. We have worked hard on neeps and tatties work by having to translate the Scot’s to English and designing our pictures on sketches.

  6. I enjoyed doing the Scottish poems and learning new poems and learning new Scottish words and doing the neeps and tatties front cover.

  7. This week I have enjoyed doing our limerick’s.I really enjoyed it.This week I have also enjoyed doing our neeps and tatties writing and pictures.It was very fun.

  8. I’ve worked hard and enjoyed measuring and I.D.L. I loved I.D.L because I got to draw some of the neeps and tatties. 🥔

  9. I have enjoyed doing neeps and tatties because I love doing SketchesSchool and art. I also enjoyed math because I am starting to get the hang of it.

  10. I enjoyed doing our neeps and tatties drawings everyone was very good at doing them and I also enjoyed doing our maths division it was quite tricky but when you get good it’s quite easy.

  11. I enjoyed doing the angle work this week because it is very fun using a protractor and the neeps and tatties art.

  12. I’ve worked hard on my McCoo in art and I think it looks great😀 I also worked hard on learning my Scottish poem ‘ Address to the toothache’.

  13. The thing I have worked most hard on this week is my Scottish poem because I have learnt lots of verses. I am really excited to recite my poem next week!

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