Weekly Review – 26/3/21

We have had a really busy week this week. We have been working hard on improving our concentration levels and working as a team.

We have expanded our knowledge of maps and explored the Scottish Borders.

We have continued our lessons in time for maths.

We planned and wrote “Guess Who?” simile poems.

Leave a comment below to tell us one thing you learned and one thing you enjoyed. 

Mrs Brown, Mrs Smith and Mrs Musgrave

34 thoughts on “Weekly Review – 26/3/21”

  1. I enjoyed making the simile Poems, and it is really nice to listen to Mrs Smith read the nowhere emporium.

  2. Hi I have learned more about time and we played old maid.
    We coloured our shoes for Mrs Wilson in secret .
    I am really impressed by my hand writing.

  3. I learned to play old maid and it was really fun and learned that if I lose that’s ok and I learned how to tell the clock ⏰ I’m getting better at doing my Hand writing ✍️ has got better

  4. I have learned that it’s okay not to win and to value the winner
    And I loved Mrs Smith reading the nowhere emporium

  5. I enjoyed having fun making our door and keeping it a secret i have also enjoyed the clocks it is really nice for mrs smith still reading our novel.

  6. I think the best thing we did this week was music! I loved it so much even though a lot of the time I say I don’t like music! 🎖

  7. I enjoyed listening to the novel because it is at a cliffhanger! And I learnt how to write a cool type of poem.

  8. My favourite part of this week was probably the Acrostic poem I might even do more of them at home!!!


  9. I have learned how to tell the time but that was kinda easy for me. I have enjoyed P.E because we played lot’s of games and it was super fun 🤩 I also liked music because Mrs Ingles was very nice!

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