All about foxes 🦊

After reading the story of Chicken Licken primary 1 chose the character of the fox to write about. We thought of different words to describe to fox and what we had learnt about his character from the story. We then used these words to help us write sentences about the fox. Before we wrote our sentences we said them out loud thinking about all the little words that we needed to link our ideas.



A week of stories

The highlight of this week has been World Book Day on Thursday. The bell rang at 10 o’clock and everyone in school stopped to read. We have been reading lots of books this week including some silly stories from The Stinky Cheese Man including Chicken Licken, the Princess and the Bowling Ball and Little Red Running Shorts. We then spent some time talking about our favourite stories.

After break we did some descriptive writing about the Stinky Cheese Man (an alternative of the Gingerbread Man story). In the afternoon we read another version of the Princess and the Pea and drew some fantastic pictures using oil pastels. We then painted them using watercolours before adding a little glitter for the crown. We learned lots about using these different materials, including how the pastels resist the paint.

At breaktime we did a book trail around the school, looking for characters from some well known picturebooks. We had lots of fun and found all the clues.

This week the children helped to write the blog. Here are some of their highlights of the week:

‘The book trail was exciting and everybody loved it!’ Isabella

‘I liked reading The Princess and the Pea’ Kyle

‘I liked reading The Stinky Cheese Man’ Leah

‘I loved subtracting’ Rowan

‘I liked painting’ Finlay B

‘I enjoyed reading A Child of Books’ Finlay D

Bird Watching

This week in primary 1 we have been watching the different birds visiting our new bird table. So far this week there has been robins, blackbirds, sparrows, blue tits, coal tits and chaffinches. The pigeons and wrens are enjoying the seed on the ground.