Home Learning


We use Showbie, an app which allows pupils to access engaging learning content anywhere. Pupils can access learning materials easily, complete homework and submit work which teachers can easily provide feedback on.

Home learning activities are issued to pupils by teachers using the app. All pupils should login to Showbie using their Microsoft (Glow) details. Any pupil who requires support accessing Showbie should speak with any teacher who will direct them to the best source of assistance.


Using Showbie as a Parent

Parents may request parental access to Showbie. This allows parents to view their child’s activities and teacher feedback. You will normally be issued with the login details to allow this. If you haven’t received this information please contact the school office who can assist.

Using Showbie as a Student

Visit https://www.showbie.com/

Download Showbie from Self Service (on your school iPad) or from your app store if you are using a personal device.

Log in using your Microsoft (Glow) credentials.

Join classes using the class codes given by your teachers.