ALN Base

Additional Learning Needs Unit

The ALN Unit within Lochend Community High School provides an integrated and inclusive approach which supports pupils with a range of Additional Learning Needs. This allows our young people to maximise their potential, raise attainment and build on national qualification achievement.

All pupils are identified by Glasgow City Council Educational Psychologists and places are allocated by the Area Inclusion Group (AIG).

The ALN Unit offers equity for individual pupils. All pupils have an individual curriculum which is adapted to suit their evolving learning and support needs.

Staff in the ALN Unit work in partnership with parents/guardians, pupils and a range of professional agencies.

There are a variety of ways in which young people attached to the ALN Unit are supported. These include:

  • Opportunities for small pupil/teacher ratio lessons
  • Differentiated materials according to specific needs
  • Enhanced focus on Literacy, Numeracy and Health and Wellbeing
  • Opportunities for pupils to attend mainstream classes with support
  • College and work placements in senior school
  • Opportunities for pupils to access social experiences in the wider school through lunch time clubs
  • Participation in the MCR programme. MCR (Motivated, Committed & Resilient) is a mentoring service which supports young people across Glasgow to realise their potential. A mentor can makes a huge difference to a young person’s confidence, educational outcomes and life chances.

Ms M Bernier 
Principal Teacher (ALN)

Mrs A L Coyle
Mr K Murray 
Miss G Watson

Ms E Ingliston (SfLW)
Ms A Conteh (SfLW)
Ms M Mushet (SfLW)