Historians study the past – its key events, its people, and their experiences. History is an excellent qualification because of the skills it teaches and the links with other subjects – it’s also really fun!


Ms J Byrne


History can be studied throughout the BGE up to Higher level examinations.

Broad General Education

S1: The Making of Scotland: The first Scots; Celts; Romans; Vikings; the Middle Ages
S2: Changing Scotland: The Jacobites to the Victorians; World War One – The Causes and Experience of War
S3: Hitler and the Nazis; The Atlantic Slave Trade 

Senior Phase

Learning Experiences

You will explore ideas in a variety of ways including:

  • Literacy – you will express your ideas through a range of written tasks.
  • Communication – taking part in debates and discussions.
  • Analysis and evaluation – you will look at the different aspects of issues and to come to final decisions.
  • Working independently – both in class and at home through different learning projects
  • Handling sources and evidence – interpreting, drawing meaning and evaluating different types of evidence

Life & Work

Higher History will help you to form coherent and logical arguments.  This skill is essential in many of the paths you may take after school, be it further/Higher education or work.  Understanding of History forms the basis of understanding current issues in today’s society and the complex story behind them and equips candidates very well for the world of work.

Some jobs are well suited to pupils who have a qualification in History. These include:

  • Politics, Local and National Government;
  • Education;
  • Medicine/Health;
  • Policing;
  • Social Work & counselling;
  • Community Work;
  • Legal services;
  • Journalism/Media;
  • Teaching and lecturing;
  • Research;
  • Banking and commerce.